How to deposit

  1.  Click [My Wallet] > [Deposit].
  2.  Select which [Account] you want to bank in to.
  3.  Enter [Name of your account] > [Amount] > [Receipt No.].
  4.  Click [Submit].

How to Withdraw

  1.  Click [Transfer]
  2.  Select the respective [Platforms] and transfer ALL the credits to [Sportsbetting].
  3.  Click [My Wallet] > [Withdraw].
  4.  Select which [Account] you want US to bank in to.
  5.  Enter [Amount] > [Acct. Name] > [Acct. No.].
  6.  Click [Withdraw].

How to Transfer

  1. Log in by entering your username and password.
  2. Click on Transfer
  3. Check that you have sufficient funds for transfer
  4. Select your choice of product to transfer funds to and from
  5. Submit your request for transfer
Transaction Banking Method Transaction Limit(MYR) Processing Time